Software Growth with Greg Kogan

Growing a software business requires an understanding of engineering, sales, and marketing.

As we learn software engineering, we also pick up some knowledge about how a business should operate. We know that there are customers, and that our product needs to be scalable to serve more customers. We know that some features are more important than others, and so we focus on building the features that matter the most.

But unless we make a deliberate focus, engineers do not learn how to sell and market a software product.

Learning how to sell and market software is an important skill to develop. It allows a software engineer to be self-sufficient. If you already know how to write software, sales and marketing are actually the only other pieces you need to be an “entrepreneur”. And the basics of sales and marketing are often easier and more fun to learn than the first painful days of learning basic programming.

Greg Kogan is an engineer who has shifted his focus to working as a consultant for companies that are trying to go to market with a technical product. Greg has helped grow companies such as Netlify, Scalyr, and Domino Data Lab. Much of his work is around products targeted toward developers.

Greg joins the show to describe his methodical approach to selling and marketing software.


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