WebAssembly Execution with Syrus Akbary

WebAssembly is a runtime that lets languages beyond JavaScript to execute in frontend web applications. WebAssembly is novel because most modern frontend applications are written entirely in JavaScript. WebAssembly lets us use languages like Rust and C++ after they have been compiled down to a web assembly binary module.

Language interoperability is only one part of why WebAssembly is exciting. The execution environment for WebAssembly modules has benefits for security and software distribution and consumption as well.

In previous shows, we’ve given an overview of WebAssembly and explored its future applications as well as its relationship to the Rust programming language. In today’s episode, we explore the packaging and execution path of a WebAssembly module, and some other applications of the technology.

Syrus Akbary is the CEO and founder of Wasmer, a company focused on creating universal binaries powered by WebAssembly. Wasmer provides a way to execute WebAssembly files universally. He joins the show to talk about the state of WebAssembly, and what his company is building.


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