Policy Enforcement with Shimon Tolts

The nature of software projects is changing. Projects are using a wider variety of cloud providers and SaaS tools. Projects are being broken up into more git repositories, and the code in those repositories are being deployed into small microservices.

With the increased number of tools, repositories, and deployment targets, it can become difficult to manage software policy. “Policy” defines how different parts of an application can behave. Which parts of your application can access an Amazon S3 bucket? Which parts of your application can communicate with the authentication microservice? Which developers are allowed to push a new build to production?

Shimon Tolts is the CTO and co-founder of Datree, a platform for policy enforcement and code compliance. He joins the show to talk about continuous delivery, configuration management, and policy enforcement. He also explains the motivation for his company Datree, which performs analysis across a user’s GitHub repo to map the committers, code components, and repositories.


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