Replicated: On-Prem Deployments with Grant Miller

Cloud computing has been popular for less than twenty years. Large software companies have existed for much longer. If your company was started before the cloud became popular, you probably have a large, data center on your companies premises. The shorthand term for this software environment is “on-prem”.

Deploying software to your own on-prem servers can be significantly different than deploying to remote servers in the cloud. In the cloud, servers and resources are more standardized. It is often easier to find documentation and best practices for how to use cloud services.

Many of the software vendors who got started in the last decade created their software in the cloud. For example, makes it easy for companies to create hosted documentation. Their early customers were startups and other cloud-native companies. All of those companies were happy to consume the software in the cloud. As time went on, Readme found that other customers wanted to use the Readme product as a self-hosted, on-prem service. Readme needed to figure out how to deploy their software easily to the “on-prem” environment.

It turns out that this is a common problem. Software vendors who want to sell to on-prem enterprises must have a defined strategy for making those deployments to on-prem infrastructure–and those deployments are not always easy to configure.

Replicated is a company that allows cloud-based software to easily deploy to on-prem infrastructure. Grant Miller is the founder of Replicated and he joins the show to discuss on-prem, cloud, and the changing adoption patterns of enterprise software companies.


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