RideOS: Fleet Management with Rohan Paranjpe

Self-driving transportation will be widely deployed at some point in the future. How far off is that future? There are widely varying estimations: maybe you will summon a self-driving Uber in a New York within 5 years, or maybe it will take 20 years to work out all of the challenges in legal and engineering.

Between now and the self-driving future, there will be a long span of time where cars are semi-autonomous. Maybe your car is allowed to drive itself in certain areas of the city. Maybe your car can theoretically drive itself in 99% of conditions, but the law requires you to be behind the wheel until the algorithms get just a little bit better.

While we wait for self-driving to be widely deployed to consumers, a lot could change in the market. We know about Uber, Lyft, Waymo, Tesla and Cruise. But what about the classic car companies like Ford, Mercedes Benz, and Volkswagen? These companies are great at making cars, and they have hired teams of engineers working on self-driving.

But self-driving functionality is not the only piece of software you need to compete as a transportation company. You also need to build a marketplace for your autonomous vehicles, because in the future, far fewer people will want to own a car. Customers will want to use transportation as a service.

RideOS is a company that is building fleet management and navigation software. If you run a company that is building autonomous cars, you need to solve the problem of making an autonomous, safe robot that can drive you around.

Building an autonomous car is hard, but to go to market as a next-generation transportation company, you also need fleet management software, so you can deploy your cars in an Uber-like transportation system. And you need navigation software so that your cars know how to drive around.

RideOS lets a car company like Ford focus on building cars by providing a set of SDKs and cloud services for managing and navigating fleets of cars. Rohan Paranjpe joins today’s show to talk about the world of self-driving cars. Rohan worked at Tesla and Uber before joining RideOS, so he has a well-informed perspective on a few directions the self-driving car market might go in.


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