Android Slices with Jason Monk

The main user interfaces today are the smartphone, the laptop, and the desktop computer. Some people today interact with voice interfaces, augmented reality, virtual reality, and automotive computer screens like the Tesla. In the future, these other interfaces will become more common. Developers will want to be able to expose their applications to these new interfaces.

For example, let’s say I am a developer who builds a podcast playing app. I have a website and a mobile app, but what if I want to expose that app to a voice interface? Or, what if I want to expose a specific piece of functionality from that app, to make shortcuts easier?

Android Slices are user interface components that expose pieces of application functionality to Google Search, Google Assistant, and other applications. Jason Monk is a software engineer who works on Android Slices at Google. Jason joins the show to discuss how mobile user interfaces are changing, the motivation behind Android Slices, and the engineering behind this newer building block for Android developers.


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