WebAssembly Engineering with Ben Smith and Thomas Nattestad

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WebAssembly allows developers to run any language in a sandboxed, memory controlled module that can be called via well-defined semantics. As we have discussed in recent episodes with Lin Clark and Steve Klabnik from Mozilla, WebAssembly is changing application architectures both in and outside the browser.

WebAssembly is being adopted by all of the major browser vendors, including Google. Today’s guests are Thomas Nattestad and Ben Smith from Google. Thomas is the PM for V8, WebAssembly, Storage, and Games on the web and Ben is a software engineer on the Chrome team.

Ben and Thomas talk about the state of WebAssembly, what the different browser manufacturers are doing, and some cool uses for WebAssembly–from games to CDNs to cryptocurrency infrastructure. As in the previous episodes, there was discussion of WebAssembly’s security and memory benefits from being a bounded context.

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