GitOps: Kubernetes Continuous Delivery with Alexis Richardson

Continuous delivery is a way of releasing software without requiring software engineers to synchronize during a release.  Over the last decade, continuous delivery workflows have evolved as the tools have changed. Jenkins was one of the first continuous delivery tools and is still in heavy use today. Netflix’s open sourced Spinnaker has also been widely adopted.

As Kubernetes has grown in popularity, some engineers have developed a workflow around Kubernetes and Git known as GitOps. GitOps treats Git as the source of truth for deployments. Under GitOps, when a divergence occurs between your git repository’s configuration files and the state of your production infrastructure, your infrastructure should automatically adjust its state to align with the state defined in git.

Alexis Richardson is the CEO of Weaveworks, a company that has built tooling around GitOps. He joins the show to describe how GitOps works, and explain how it compares to other methods for continuous delivery.


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