Castor EDC with Derk Arts

Medical breakthroughs require medical research. Medical research requires patient testing and data collection. The most common form of capturing patient data is through surveys–and most of those surveys today are done on paper.

Surveying patients to understand the side effects or benefits of trial drugs or treatments, and getting accurate results out of these are critical aspects of medical research. Traditionally, these surveys are filled and read manually, and entered into a database by a human operator. In these steps, there is too much room for human error, from unreadable handwritings to typos being entered into the databas

Electronic Data Capture platforms were created out of this need for easy and accurate data collection for researches. By enabling online survey creation and result collection, EDC platforms improved medical research immensely.

However, these platforms are complex to design. Where patient medical data is concerned, privacy and security are of extremely high importance. Compliance with laws that protect anonymity and privacy of the patients is necessary. On top of these, the platform must be easy-to-use, and reliable.

Castor EDC is a company specializing on EDC for medical research, founded in the Netherlands and active in many countries around the globe. Our guest today is Derk Arts, the founder and CEO of Castor EDC.

In this episode we discuss Electronic Data Capture platforms, how Castor EDC overcame the engineering and design problems, how they comply with the laws, and their business model.


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