Video Machine Learning with Ben Dodson

Video streaming platforms like Netflix offer a convenient way to watch video content. We are now able to watch our favorite TV shows, movies, or content creators on a range of devices. However, buffering while watching videos can be a painful experience on mobile phones and tablets that use 4G or LTE. As streaming becomes available to a wider range of devices with varying bandwidth restrictions, different encodings of the video need to be created for different devices, and different bandwidth situations.

To get the best quality viewing possible with the bandwidth available to connections, there needs to be a balance between the resolution of the video, and the bitrate, which defines the data that the video consumes.

Mux is a company that builds video hosting and analytics. Ben Dodson is a data scientist at Mux, who built a system for optimizing the bitrate of videos through machine learning. In this episode we discuss video encoding and how Mux solved the problem of serving the highest quality video with the ideal bitrate.


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