Kubernetes in the Enterprise with Aparna Sinha

Enterprises want to update their technology faster. One way an enterprise can accelerate the adoption of new tools is to move more aggressively towards the cloud. By giving internal developers access to the cloud, it becomes easier to provision new servers–allowing for rapid experimentation, test environments, and scalability.

In previous shows we have explored how large enterprises successfully learn to move their technology faster. Much of this process is rooted in being able to experiment quickly–which requires well-defined testing procedures, and the ability to quickly provision and destroy infrastructure.

Many enterprises have large on-premise infrastructure deployments. An enterprise’s movement towards the cloud can be made complex by this existing set of servers.

In today’s show, Aparna Sinha discusses how Kubernetes is useful for enterprises–and how it can improve development speed, experimentation, and observability. Aparna is the leader of the product team for Kubernetes and Container Engine at Google. Much of her job is centered around understanding what would be useful to enterprises who are choosing a cloud provider.

The open source version of Kubernetes is useful on its own, but most enterprises choose a managed provider of Kubernetes–such as Google Kubernetes Engine–to help with support and onboarding . Full disclosure: Google is a sponsor of Software Engineering Daily.


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