Botchain with Rob May

“Bots” are becoming increasingly relevant to our everyday interactions with technology. A bot sometimes mediates the interactions of two people. Examples of bots include automated reply systems, intelligent chat bots, classification systems, and prediction machines. These systems are often powered by machine learning systems that are black boxes to the user.

Today’s guest Rob May argues that these systems should be auditable and accountable, and that using a blockchain-based identity system for bots is a viable solution to the machine learning auditability problem.

Rob is the CEO of Talla, a knowledge base provider for business teams. The Botchain project was spun out of Talla as a solution to the problem of bot identity.

In this episode, we talk about Botchain and the application of blockchain to bot identity, the current state of ICOs, and the viability of utility token ecosystems. Botchain has its own cryptotoken called “Botcoin.”


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