Shopify Infrastructure with Niko Kurtti

Shopify runs more than 600,000 small business websites. When Shopify was figuring out how to scale, the engineering teams did not have a standard workflow for how to deploy and manage services. Some teams used AWS, some teams used Heroku, some teams used other infrastructure providers.

To manage all those stores effectively, Shopify has built its own platform-as-a-service on top of Kubernetes called Cloudbuddies. Cloudbuddies was inspired by Heroku, and it allows engineers at Shopify to deploy services in an opinionated way that is perfect for Shopify.

Niko Kurtti is a production engineer at Shopify, and he joins the show to describe Shopify’s infrastructure–how they run so many stores, how they distribute those stores across their infrastructure, and the motivation for building their own internal platform on top of Kubernetes.

Show Notes

Shopify’s Journey to Kubernetes and PaaS: Niko Kurtti at QCon NY


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