Pulsar Messaging with Lewis Kaneshiro

Message broker systems decouple the consumers and producers of a message channel. In previous shows, we have explored ZeroMQ, PubNub, Apache Kafka, and NATS. In this episode, we talk about another message broker: Apache Pulsar.

Pulsar is an open source distributed pub-sub message system originally created at Yahoo. It was used to scale products with high volumes of users–such as Yahoo Mail.

There are three components of a Pulsar deployment: the Pulsar broker (which handles the message brokering), Apache Bookkeeper (which handles the durable storage of the messages), and Apache Zookeeper, which manages the distributed coordination.

Lewis Kaneshiro joins the show to describe how Apache Pulsar works, and how it compares to other messaging systems like Apache Kafka. Lewis is the CEO of Streamlio, a company that builds messaging and stream processing systems for enterprises, and uses Pulsar in its core product.


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