Siftery Engineering with Ayan Barua

There are hundreds of different databases. There are tens of continuous delivery products. There are an ocean of cloud providers and CRM systems and monitoring platforms and sales prospecting tools.

The range of available software products is so diverse that it can be overwhelming to figure out which products to buy. Siftery is a company that was started to index software products and help buyers make decisions. Siftery can build a data set from your website or from your Google account, assess your software stack, and compare those software products to others on the market.

In a previous show with Ayan Barua, we discussed how engineers should explore the question of build vs. buy. In today’s episode, Ayan joins the show to discuss how Siftery has evolved, and the engineering behind Siftery products. A newer Siftery product called Track can ingest banking transactions, QuickBooks records, or other transaction histories and use that information to compile the cost structure of your software company, and we spent the latter part of our conversation discussing why and how they built it.


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