Crypto Bloomberg with Valentin Mihov

In the finance industry, many people have a computer on their desk called a Bloomberg terminal. A Bloomberg terminal contains news, stock prices, communication tools, and other features that make it worth a high subscription price. And people in finance can afford to pay that high subscription because their decisions can cause a gain or loss of thousands of dollars.

Cryptocurrency investors have a similar set of informational problems as traditional financiers. There is a flood of information. Financial quotes are inconsistent across different exchanges. Opinions from Twitter and Reddit can be tremendously useful—if they are captured and leveraged correctly.

Santiment is a platform that is working to build a Bloomberg terminal for cryptocurrency investors. Santiment has raised 45k Ether in their ICO last July, which was originally an amount equal to ~$11m.

Valentin Mihov is the CTO of Santiment, and he joins the show to explain what Santiment’s product does, and how the token holders will ultimately derive value from Santiment’s ecosystem.

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