Smart Agriculture with Mike Prorock

Farms have lots of data. A corn farmer needs to monitor the chemical composition of the soil. A soybean farmer needs to track crop yield. A chicken farmer needs to count the number of eggs produced.

If this data is captured, it can be acted upon—for example, a dry farm can automatically turn up its irrigation system. Or the data can simply be studied.

If you work in a pure software business, you might take for granted how easy it is to track your metrics. On the farm, you need to use sensors and drones to gather your data.

Mike Prorock is the CTO of, a company that makes sensors and software infrastructure for agriculture. He joins the show to describe the use cases for agriculture technology, and the architecture behind it.

Today’s episode is a great complement to our recent episodes on streaming data. offers a case study of how streaming systems can be put into practice. Mike will also be speaking at the upcoming Strata Data Conference in San Jose.

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