Cloud Foundry Overview with Mike Dalessio

Earlier this year we did several shows about Cloud Foundry, followed by several shows about Kubernetes. Both of these projects allow you to build scalable, multi-node applications–but they serve different types of users.

Cloud Foundry encompasses a larger scope of the application experience than Kubernetes. Kubernetes is lower level and is actually being used within newer versions of Cloud Foundry to give Cloud Foundry users access to the Kubernetes abstractions.

Recording those shows gave me a wide understanding of how infrastructure is managed and how it has evolved. Today’s episode provides more context on Cloud Foundry–how the project got started, how people use it, and where Cloud Foundry is going. Today’s guest Mike Dalessio is a VP of engineering on Pivotal Cloud Foundry, and we had a great time talking about his work. Engineering leadership is a fine art, and conversations with engineering leaders are consistently interesting–this was no exception.


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