Load Testing Mobile Applications with Paulo Costa and Rodrigo Coutinho

Applications need to be ready to scale in response to high-load events. With mobile applications, this can be even more important. People rely on mobile applications such as banking, ride sharing, and GPS.

During Black Friday, a popular ecommerce application could be bombarded by user requests–you might not be able to complete a request to buy an item at the Black Friday discount. If you attend the Superbowl, and then try to catch an Uber after leaving, all the other people around you might be summoning a car at the same time, and the system might not scale.

In order to prepare infrastructure for high volume, mobile development teams often create end-to-end load tests. After recording incoming mobile traffic, that mobile traffic can be replicated and replayed, to measure a backend’s response to the mobile workload.

Paulo Costa and Rodrigo Coutinho are engineers at OutSystems, a company that makes a platform for building low-code mobile applications. In this episode, Paulo and Rodrigo discuss the process of performing end-to-end scalability testing for mobile applications backed by cloud infrastructure.  We talked about the high level process of architecting the load test, and explored the tools used to implement it. Full disclosure: OutSystems is a sponsor of Software Engineering Daily.


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