Knowledge-Based Programming with Stephen Wolfram Holiday Repeat

stephen-wolframOriginally published November 10, 2015

“The cloud as an environment – I had thought it was a purely utilitarian kind of thing. What I realized is that it’s a fascinating centralized repository of computation.”

Wolfram Research makes computing software powered by the Wolfram language, a knowledge-based programming language that draws from symbolic and functional programming paradigms.

Stephen Wolfram is the Founder and CEO of Wolfram Research, and also the author of A New Kind of Science.


  • What inspired you to start Wolfram Research?
  • What is the Wolfram language?
  • How does the Wolfram language benefit from thinking of itself as a functional language?
  • How are your different pieces of software wired through the Wolfram language?
  • What is your book A New Kind of Science about?
  • Are we living in a simulation?
  • Is fear of AI a legitimate concern, and if so what preventative measures can we take?



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