Serverless Event-Driven Architecture with Danilo Poccia

In an event driven application, each component of application logic emits events, which other parts of the application respond to. We have examined this pattern in previous shows that focus on pub/sub messaging, event sourcing, and CQRS.

In today’s show, we examine the intersection of event driven architecture and serverless architecture.

Serverless applications can be built by combining functions-as-a-service (like AWS Lambda) together with backend as a service tools like DynamoDB and Auth0. Functions-as-a-service give you cheap, flexible, scalable compute. Backend as a service tools give you robust, fault-tolerant tools for managing state.

By combining these sets of tools, we can build applications without thinking about specific servers that are managing large portions of our application logic. This is great–because managing servers and doing load balancing and scaling is painful.

With this shift in architecture, we also have to change how data flows through our applications.

Danilo Poccia is the author of AWS Lambda In Action, a book about building event-driven serverless applications. In today’s episode, Danilo and I discuss the connection between serverless architecture and event driven architecture.

We start by reviewing the evolution of the runtime unit–from physical machines to virtual machines to containers to functions as a service. Then, we dive into what it means for an application to be “event driven.” We explore how to architect and scale a serverless architecture, and we finish by discussing the future of serverless–how IoT and edge computing and on-premise architectures will take advantage of this new technology.


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