ReactVR with Andrew Imm

React is a programming model for user interfaces. ReactJS is for building user interfaces for web applications. React Native is for building UI on Android or iOS. ReactVR is for building user interfaces in virtual reality.

React Native was originally developed to make it easier to maintain parity between the web, iOS, and Android teams at Facebook. If I build an application for the web with ReactJS, I can rewrite that application for React Native on iOS or Android and reuse some of my code from the web application. It is not a 1-click level of portability between platforms, but it helps share user interface components between different platforms.

ReactVR brings React development to virtual reality. Andrew Imm is a ReactVR developer at Facebook, and he joins the show to discuss how ReactVR works. We talk about the support for VR in the browser: WebGL, WebVR, and ThreeJS. We also explore some of the key React components that you might use to build an interface in ReactVR, and we wrap up the show by exploring VR more broadly–how consumers use VR today and how they might use it in the near future.

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