Alerting and Metrics with Clement Pang

An alert is a signal of problematic application behavior. When something unusual happens to your application, an alert can bring that anomaly to your attention. In order to detect unusual events, you need to define the norm.

In order to define both normal and problematic behavior, you need metrics. Metrics are measurements of the behavior in your application. Metrics get created from logs and other data. These high volumes of data get aggregated and collected into easily digestible metrics. This aggregation process that reduces data to metrics is often called a “metrics pipeline.”

Clement Pang is the chief architect of Wavefront, a company that builds metrics and alerting software for enterprises such as Box and Lyft. Clement joins the show to discuss how enterprises use alerting and metrics and how to build a company around metrics and alerting–including the data engineering involved in constructing a metrics pipeline.

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