Software Engineering Daily App with Keith and Craig Holliday

You have probably missed some of the best episodes of Software Engineering Daily. If you listen to just a few episodes a week, it can be difficult to identify the high quality shows. And if you are new to the podcast, you have no idea how to find episodes that might appeal to you.

Software Engineering Daily has a discovery problem.

We have 600 episodes, and much of the content is evergreen. The shows we did a year ago on Apache Spark, or Ethereum, or ReactJS are still relevant today, and they get plenty of listens.

Keith and Craig Holliday built a recommendation system for Software Engineering Daily. Then they built a Software Engineering Daily iOS app to improve the experience of SE Daily listeners. You can use the SE Daily app to find the most popular episodes of this podcast, and to find episode recommendations based on what you have listened to.

In this episode, Keith and Craig join the show to explain why they built an app for Software Engineering Daily. You can find all the code for the SE Daily app at in case you want to fork it for your own podcast–or if you want to contribute to it.

Question of the Week: What is your favorite continuous delivery or continuous integration tool? Email and a winner will be chosen at random to receive a Software Engineering Daily hoodie. 

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