Car and IoT Security with Chris Craig

Ransomware and DDoS attacks happen all the time. Sometimes they affect large swaths of users. WannaCry ransomware froze the computer systems in hospitals. Mirai botnet DDoS attacks took down a DNS provider, making Netflix and Twitter inaccessible for a short period of time.

These are innocent attacks compared to what we could face from a world where cars, heart rate monitors, and other safety critical machinery become connected to the Internet. This is not a new subject–we have covered it in previous episodes about security. But it’s a deep subject, and there is much ground to cover.

Chris Craig joins the show for this episode–he is a security researcher at Oak Ridge National Lab. He studies network and cloud security, and in this episode he brings his broad expertise to subjects like IoT security, car security, and the question of standards–what do we need to standardize and certify as the internet becomes connected to physical infrastructure?

Thanks to Jared Smith for the introduction.

Show Notes

When Safety and Security Become One

Standardisation and Certification of the ‘Internet of Things’

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