Augmented Reality with Jesse Bounds and Siyu Song

Augmented reality is coming at us fast. Every large tech company is rumored to be building an AR product. Microsoft HoloLens is already available to developers. Pokemon Go, the most popular augmented reality product today, was made by a company that was spun out of Google. But Apple seems to be ahead of everyone.

Apple’s ARKit is a set of tools for developers to build augmented reality applications. The applications people are building with ARKit are remarkable, and two of those early adopters join the show today for an interview.

Jesse Bounds and Siyu Song work at Mapbox, a company that makes mapping, navigation, and location search SDKs. Location is natural companion to augmented reality. If I am walking down the street with a pair of augmented reality glasses on, those glasses can augment the world with information based on my location.

Because the fit between AR and mapping is so natural, Mapbox has been rapidly experimenting to build up an expertise in AR. As a result, Jesse and Siyu make for great guests to talk about what engineers can build with ARKit today and what might be possible in the future.

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