GatsbyJS with Kyle Mathews

GatsbyJS is a framework for building web applications for JavaScript. Gatsby’s original goal was to allow users to create super fast static web sites that could be hosted and served efficiently at a low cost. Most web pages have components from a framework like React or Angular that need to render after the user requests them. This rendering can sometimes require additional requests to external data sources, causing the page to take longer to load.

Gatsby uses GraphQL to pull in data at build time and pre-render as much of a site as possible using React’s server side rendering. When a page built with Gatsby is served to a user, as much of the page has been rendered as possible, so that the browser can quickly load everything on the page without additional network requests.

Kyle Mathews is the creator of GatsbyJS. He joins the show to describe why he created Gatsby–the high level goals and low level engineering decisions. We also discuss how Kyle intends to take Gatsby beyond just an open source project and turn it into a business.

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