Serverless Continuous Delivery with Robin Weston

Serverless computing reduces the cost of using the cloud. Serverless also makes it easy to scale applications. The downside: building serverless apps requires some mindset shift. Serverless functions are deployed to transient units of computation that are spun up on demand. This is in contrast to the typical model of application delivery–the deployment of an application to a server or a container that stays running until you shut it down.

Robin Weston develops large projects with AWS Lambda, and he joined me for a discussion of how to build applications for serverless environments and how to do continuous delivery with serverless functions. One big appeal for continuous delivery fans is that serverless deployments are often smaller–the user is deploying something as small as a function.

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Show Notes

Serverless Architectures and Continuous Delivery by Robin Weston

Robin Weston at Pipeline Conf

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