Coinbase Security with Philip Martin

At Coinbase, security is more important than anything else. Coinbase is a company that allows for storage and exchange of cryptocurrencies. Protecting banking infrastructure is difficult, but in some ways the stakes are higher with Coinbase, because bitcoin is fundamentally unregulated.

If a hacker were able to syphon all of the money out of Coinbase accounts, Coinbase would have no recourse–which means this is a more sensitive problem than the regulated banking system, where transactions can often be reversed.

Philip Martin is the director of security at Coinbase. He joins the show today to explain why his love of complex and high-stakes security challenges brought him to Coinbase. Philip has some specific points about Coinbase and some more abstract points about security that were very useful to me.

This is the third and final episode in our series about Coinbase. Our first two episodes covered the currencies of Coinbase and the fraud prevention techniques the company uses. We’d love to hear your thoughts on this series, and any other suggestions or feedback you have. Send me an email–


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