Coinbase Antifraud with Soups Ranjan

Coinbase is a platform for buying and selling digital currency: bitcoin, ethereum, and litecoin. Every payments company deals with fraud, but a cryptocurrency company has a harder job than most payments companies, because bitcoin transactions are anonymous and non-reversible. This is in contrast to a bank, which deals with a regulated, reversible transaction system.

Soups Ranjan is the director of data science at Coinbase. In this episode, he walks through the challenges of preventing fraud and describes how machine learning and humans in the loop are used to deal with bad actors. From the data ingestion to the data engineering to the data science, this episode is a great overview of antifraud at Coinbase, and is a nice complement to the presentation that we previously aired from Soups.

This is the second episode in our series about Coinbase. Yesterday we discussed how Coinbase makes cryptocurrencies easier to work with. Tomorrow we dive into the security infrastructure of Coinbase. We’d love to hear your thoughts on this series, and any other suggestions or feedback you have. Send me an email–


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