Software Psychology with Bjorn Freeman Benson

Designers and software engineers need to communicate with each other. From Apple to Slack to Uber, the emphasis on visual design within a product is rising in importance. Much like development and operations siloes have been bridged with the DevOps movement, design and engineering teams are working more closely together to align the vision of the designers with the realities of code.

InVision is a product for prototyping designs and product workflows. I categorize InVision with high-level productivity tools like Trello, Asana, and github. When teams start using InVision, it often becomes an integral part of the entire product workflow. A designer will mock up their product vision on InVision and share it with the rest of the team for criticism and commentary.

Since the product is the perfect bridge between engineers and designers, InVision the company is expanding as a platform. Bjorn Freeman-Benson is the CTO at InVision and his task is to scale the 100% remote engineering team while developing new product features.

Bjorn describes himself as a software psychologist. We talked about the psychology of managing engineers and the technical challenges of building a large, popular web app for technology products.


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