Wearables with Asta Roseway

Wearables have become more accessible to the public. Snap’s spectacles, Google Glass, FitBit, and Apple Watch suggest a future in which many people will be wearing a smart device. In this episode Asta Roseway, Research Designer at Microsoft Research, gives insights into other categories of wearables like tattoos, scarves, and cosmetics.

Asta talked about her work on DuoSkin, a wearable that looks like a beautiful metallic tattoo. We talked about its capabilities and how it was built, and why it is still too early for connected tattoos. We also talked about the intersection between health, wearables, technology, and fashion and how wearables might look in the near future.

This episode is guest hosted by Edaena Salinas, who also hosts The Women in Tech Show.

Show Notes

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