Stripe Infrastructure with Evan Broder

If you are building a service that processes payments, your software architecture has a lot of requirements. Not only do you need to be highly available, consistent, and fast–you need to be PCI compliant. In this episode, we explore the infrastructure of Stripe with Evan Broder, who has been with the company for five years.

Stripe started as a small payments company catering to developers with a monolithic code base. Some of those aspects of Stripe have changed, and others have stayed the same.

In our last episode, we covered how observability works at Stripe. In this episode, we explore what is being observed–the actual infrastructure itself, and how different engineers are organized around managing the infrastructure. In tomorrow’s episode, we’ll talk to Michael Manapat, about Stripe’s machine learning pipeline for detecting and preventing fraudulent transactions.

Throughout these episodes, you will get a sense for how Stripe’s engineering culture works. We hope to do more experimental series like this in the future. Please give us feedback for what you think of the format by sending us email, joining the Slack group, or filling out our listener survey. All of these things are available on

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