Stripe Observability with Cory Watson

Observability allows engineers to understand what is going on inside their systems. In its most raw form, observability comes from log data. Modern systems have many layers of logs–virtualized cloud infrastructure, container orchestration, the container runtime itself, and the application logic running within the container.

With all of these layers, it is not practical for a developer to have to sift through layers of logs every time a bug occurs in production, or a deployment fails integration tests. Higher level observability tools include charts, distributed tracing tools, and monitoring services. With proper observability, developers can save time during incident response. Day-to-day software development becomes safer and more comfortable.

Stripe is a payments company for developers. This episode is the first in a series of episodes profiling different aspects of the company. Our guest Cory Watson leads the observability team at Stripe. In subsequent episodes, we will explore infrastructure and machine learning at Stripe.

Throughout these episodes, you will get a sense for how Stripe’s engineering culture works. We hope to do more experimental series like this in the future. Please give us feedback for what you think of the format by sending us email, joining the Slack group, or filling out our listener survey. All of these things are available on


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