Trump with Brad Taylor

Donald Trump has either alarmed or excited everyone in the engineering community.

Some of the debates are based around innovation. Opponents to Trump say that his anti-immigration policies will reduce the innovation that relies on H1-B visas. Supporters of Trump say that his anti-regulation policies will unlock innovation that is restricted by bureaucracy.

Other debates are around philosophy and free speech. Opponents to Trump say that his views on women are retrograde and that he promotes racism and white nationalism. Supporters of Trump say that he is brave enough to say what people are really thinking, and that he is truly independent from the polarized, ossified political system.

Software Engineering Daily is a show about the world through the lens of the software engineer, and today our world is being shaped by Donald Trump. We needed to do an episode on this subject because so many of my day-to-day conversations with other engineers were becoming about Trump.

Brad Taylor is a senior engineer with Optimizely who has formed Tech Stands Up, a grassroots movement giving a voice to the rapidly growing concerns about the Trump administration’s policies affecting the tech community and its users. We had a stimulating conversation about the tradeoffs of a Trump administration from an engineer’s perspective.

Don’t worry–this is not becoming a show about politics.

Show Notes

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