Convergence with Haseeb Qureshi

At the first Software Engineering Daily Meetup, the speakers explored a range of topics. A few weeks ago, we published Courtland Allen’s talk about how to build a small software business. In today’s episode, we are publishing Haseeb Qureshi’s talk, called “Everything That Rises Must Converge: Why Engineers Disagree About Everything (And Why Fraudsters Do Too).”

This talk explores philosophy, poker, software engineering, fraud, and a basket of other topics. These topics might sound like a random collection, but Haseeb currently works as an engineer on Airbnb’s Risk team and he is the author of How To Be a Poker Player, which is a book on the philosophy of poker.

The audio is taken from the Meetup and we cleaned it up as best we could. We will do a better job with the audio from the next Meetup–which is Thursday, March 9th at Galvanize! Check out our Meetup page for more details.

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