Reactive Microservices Development with Markus Eisele

The goals of microservices are the same as what we have pursued in software engineering for decades: isolation, decoupling, maintainability, scalability. The reason that we use the term microservices is not because we have a completely different idea of what a service is than we used to. We use the term microservices because we are signaling that we need to achieve these architectural goals in a different way than we needed to 10-15 years ago.

Markus Eisele is a developer advocate at Lightbend. He joins the show to discuss how enterprises are moving from monolithic architectures to microservices architectures, which has been touched on in previous shows. Lightbend makes a framework called Lagom, that suggests a opinionated strategy for moving towards microservices using message passing, CQRS, and other patterns that we explore.

Show Notes

Reactive Microservices Architecture 

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