Python Data Visualization with Jake VanderPlas

Data visualization tools are required to translate the findings of data scientists into charts, graphs, and pictures. Understanding how to utilize these tools and display data is necessary for a data scientist to communicate with people in other domains. In this episode, Srini Kadamati hosts a discussion with Jake VanderPlas about the Python ecosystem for data science and the different attempts at creating a data visualization library.

Jake VanderPlas is the Director of Research for Physical Sciences at the University of Washington’s eScience institute, where he also received his PhD in Astronomy. In addition to contributing to many Python data science libraries like scikit-learn, scipy, numpy, and matplotlib, he’s written multiple books that have been published by O’Reilly and has given many talks on data science tools and techniques. He’s also the co-creator of the Altair project, which is a declarative data visualization library for Python built on the Vega-Lite visualization grammar.