Winning With Data with Tomasz Tunguz

Large technology companies have no shortage of data. But raw data itself does not provide a competitive advantage. Many companies are bottlenecked by a shortage of data scientists who can query that data effectively. This results in an organizational dysfunction where people lining up to ask questions of the data science team are unable to move as fast as they want to.

Tomasz Tunguz saw this when he was working at Google, and he continues to see it today from his position at Redpoint, where he works as a venture capitalist looking at companies. The problems with the “data supply chain” led him to write “Winning With Data”, a book about how technology companies can successfully operationalize, explore, and act on their data.

We’ve done many shows about the interactions between software engineers, data engineers, and data scientists. This episode is a great complement to previous episodes, providing a holistic view into the way data moves through an organization–and I highly recommend Tomasz’s book “Winning with Data”.

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