AWS Open Guide with Joshua Levy

Amazon Web Services changed the economics of building an internet application. Instead of having to invest tens of thousands of dollars up front for hardware, developers can pay for services over time as their application scales.

As AWS has grown to be a gigantic platform, the documentation about how to use cloud infrastructure has become insufficient. As an answer to this, Joshua Levy initiated The Open Guide to Amazon Web Services, an open-source collection of resources available on github. Joshua has experience at a variety of companies, including Viv, the conversational interface that was recently acquired by Samsung.

In our conversation, Josh brought his years of experience to the table to explain the risks, benefits, and alternatives of Amazon Web Services. Josh has become a friend over the last year, and if you get the chance to have a conversation with him, I highly recommend it. He will be at the re:Invent conference in Vegas at the end of this month (November) and if you are interested in talking to him about the AWS Open Guide, or anything else, reach out to him.



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