Ad Industry with Bob Hoffman

Online advertising is heavily affected by a set of delusions and fraudulent practices that few people in the adtech industry have an interest in stopping. This is the curious, perverse nature of the world of online media. Some of the online advertising we see fulfills its job, when an ad successfully conveys a meaningful message from a marketer to a consumer.

But there are reasons to be extremely skeptical of the way that online advertising works. In this episode, and several more to come, Software Engineering Daily will be diving deep into the adtech business to understand the bot fraud and mass psychosis that bolsters our tech media giants.

Bob Hoffman is the author of The Ad Contrarian, a long-running blog about advertising. After selling the advertising agency he was running, he left the industry. In today’s episode, Bob discusses his experience in the ad industry, and the delusions he saw when he was working in it.

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