Database Choices and Uber with Markus Winand

When Uber’s engineering team published a blog post about moving to MySQL from Postgres, Markus Winand started receiving lots of email. Markus writes about databases on his blog “Use The Index, Luke,” a guide to database performance for developers. The people emailing Markus wanted to know–if Postgres doesn’t work well for Uber, is it safe to use for anyone?

Markus wrote a detailed blog post that was a response to Uber’s discussion of Postgres, and in today’s episode Markus explains why Postgres is perfectly fine for most applications.

Most developers are not experts in choosing between different databases. The average developer knows the difference between a NoSQL database like Mongo and a normalized SQL database like MySQL–but that developer might not know the more subtle differences between different SQL databases like MySQL and Postgres.

That is why Markus’s site is so useful, and why it was a pleasure to have him on the show.

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