Zuckerberg Files with Michael Zimmer and Nick Proferes

Mark Zuckerberg may be the most powerful person in the world. At no other time in history has a single human had such fine-grained control over the most influential tool for media. Today’s guests are Michael Zimmer and Nick Proferes, the creators of The Zuckerberg Files, an index of every recorded word that Mark Zuckerberg has said in text, video, or audio.

Why would someone create this? I was partly expecting Michael and Nick to be anti-Facebook, because The Zuckerberg Files sounds like a tool to hold the Facebook CEO accountable. In reality, Michael and Nick have a nuanced view of Facebook and Zuckerberg–they are Facebook users themselves, and they initially built The Zuckerberg Files as a way to portent product directions that Facebook might lean towards–particularly those related to privacy.


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