Distributed Tracing with Reshmi Krishna

In a microservices architecture, a user request will often make its way through several different services before it returns a result to the end user. If a user experiences a failed request, the root cause could be in any of the services along that request path. Even more problematic is the challenge of debugging latency in this kind of request chain.


Reshmi Krishna joins the show today to discuss distributed tracing, the process of tracking the path of a request through multiple services in order to determine the root cause of latency or errors. A popular tool for distributed tracing is Zipkin, which is largely based off of a paper published by Google called “Dapper”.


Reshmi is also speaking at the upcoming O’Reilly Velocity Conference in New York, September 20-22, so check that out if you are interested in web performance, continuous delivery, or anything else related to web and mobile development.

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