Platforms with Bridget Kromhout

At software conferences, I like to walk around the vendor booths and talk to the representatives from different companies. By talking to the vendors about their marketing pitches, I get an idea of how those companies are positioning themselves for the future, and the complex business landscape of software becomes slightly easier to understand.


At recent conferences, many of the big vendors have been talking about their cloud platform. With Cloud Foundry, OpenShift, Kubernetes, OpenStack and so many other cloud platforms, it is hard to keep track of the different offerings, and how they differentiate. Bridget Kromhout joins the show today to talk about these different platforms, and how they have changed modern software development. We also talk about her podcast Arrested DevOps, a great show where she interviews some of the luminaries of the operations and software development world.


You can also hear Bridget speak at O’Reilly’s Velocity 2016 conference in New York.
We are giving away a free ticket to Velocity New York. If you want to be entered to win that ticket, send a tweet about your favorite SE Daily episode about dev ops or web performance, and tag software_daily, as well as #velocityconf.

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