Manufacturing and Microservices with Cimpress’ Jim Sokoloff and Maarten Wensveen

Mass customization is the process of making customized, personalized products that are accessible to individuals and small businesses. The process involves manufacturing, assembly lines, supply chains, and software at every step along the way. Today’s guests are Jim Sokoloff and Maarten Wensveen, who work on infrastructure and technology at Cimpress, a mass customization platform.

Cimpress has t shirt printers, warehousing machines, supply chain management tools, and lots of other computers that come together in the computer-integrated manufacturing process. The company has been around for a few decades, and more recently they have moved to microservices for many of the reasons that have been discussed in previous episodes. If you work at a big company with some monolithic characteristics, this episode might give you some good arguments to bring to your manager about why and how to move to microservices.


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