Phone Spam with Truecaller CTO Umut Alp

The war against spam has been going on for decades. Email spam blockers and ad blockers help protect us from unwanted messages in our communication and browsing experience. These spam prevention tools are powered by machine learning, which catches most of the emails and ads that we don’t want to see. TrueCaller is a company that is bringing this quality of spam detection to our phone call systems.

Umut Alp is the CTO of TrueCaller, and he joins the show today to break down the engineering problems of preventing telephone call spam. Users of TrueCaller install it on their phone, and the software allows users to report when they have received a spam call. Using this reporting mechanism, and other learning algorithms, TrueCaller is able to learn what types of calls it should block from being accepted by your phone. Today on Software Engineering Daily, we discuss cell phone spam prevention.


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