Google’s Microservices: Kubernetes and gRPC with Sandeep Dinesh

Google has built a microservices architecture on top of the internal container management system called Borg. These services communicate over an internal protocol known as Stubby. Borg and Stubby are tightly coupled to Google’s infrastructure–it would not make sense for Google to open source them–but Google has worked with the open source community to develop open source projects with the core functionality of Borg and Stubby. These projects are known as Kubernetes and gRPC.

Sandeep Dinesh works on the Google Cloud Platform team as a developer advocate. Our conversation explores how a client application request from an app like Gmail would communicate with Google’s servers, where the request is handled by a network of microservices. We also talk about where Google Cloud Platform is evolving, and how it offers a competitive, differentiated model from Amazon Web Services.


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