Robots in the Warehouse with Akash Gupta


“Our major teams are lead by two people which include one person who’s very strong in their own field, and then there’s a person who has a very good understanding of the cross-functional nature of product development.”

GreyOrange Robotics builds robots for warehouse automation of logistics and ecommerce companies for quicker deliveries. Today’s episode features Akash Gupta, the CTO of GreyOrange.


  • Is sorting in the real world similar at all to sorting data on a computer?
  • What are the common software features across your products?
  • Why did you decide to use Erlang for your communication systems?
  • What was the rationale behind using Riak?
  • How often do you update the software on the machines that are running?
  • Your vision for GreyOrange is to be a global company – how does starting your company in India affect this trajectory?
  • What is unique about engineering culture in India?



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