DevOps at TopTal with Demir Selmanovic


“Whenever you create more communication lines by separating concerns – and you definitely do that between developers – you’re adding more complexity.”

DevOps has been the subject of many episodes of Software Engineering Daily. And yet–the question we continue to ask ourselves is “what is DevOps?” In order to understand the present, we must look into the past. On today’s show, we break down the history of dev ops with Demir Selmanovic, the lead technical editor at TopTal.

From waterfall software development, to the agile manifesto. From lean manufacturing to the productive pinnacle of DevOps nirvana. Demir also wrote a blog post called What the Hell is DevOps, which he posted on the TopTal blog. Full disclosure: TopTal is a sponsor of our show, but this episode doesn’t discuss TopTal very much so hopefully that doesn’t impact the trust of our listeners.


  • Could you describe the settings in which the first computer scientists were programming computers?
  • What are some examples of the different ways programmers have been stratified in their roles?
  • How do software teams move beyond the days of agile and lean, and move towards the mentality of DevOps?
  • What is DevOps?
  • What does a feedback loop at a productive DevOps organization look like?
  • Where do unconventional engineers like data engineers, data scientists and machine learning engineers fit into the DevOps scheme?
  • How is the nature of work going to evolve going into the future?


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